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Soul Transfer 4 by Vin Førde

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Soul Transfer 4

Vin Førde

25 x 30 cm | 9 x 11 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Gold, Yellow, Pattern

Original painting in acrylic on canvas.

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Vin Førde

Inspired by Hubble space photography, the paintings of Vin Førde echo the same coiling, scattered, and explosive colour of deep space. However, there is a neatness of pattern whereby complex pleats of colour collapse into each other and within these patterns a harmonic structural presence emerges - not unlike music. The paintings are best understood through the artist's methods, Førde, being synergistic, composes his paintings like he composes music, and like Vasily Kandinsky, uses abstracted forms to create melodic compositions. The swishing sounds of yellow and the shriek of red are calmed with the soothing beat of purple which swims across the surface like the stretching clouds of a supernova. The resulting imagery generates vibrant sound through the reverberation of colour and lilting composition. 

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