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Sometimes We Are Not Sleeping by Annie Riga

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Sometimes We Are Not Sleeping (2018)

Annie Riga

150 x 150 cm | 59 x 59 in

Subject: People
Tags: Portrait, Mystical, Pattern, Mysterious, Cosmic

Original painting in acrylic on canvas.

Original painting in acrylic on canvas.

"'Sometimes We Are Not Sleeping' is a painting where there is an obvious interplay between realism and abstraction. The title speaks for itself. Although in our time we spend most of our time busy, isolated, distracted and kind of like ' the waking dead', many of us  sometimes get moments were everything stops and we see reality from a non-ordinary perception. We begin to make questions and so we allow ourselves to delve deeper inside of our own unconsciousness. The central figure finds herself exposed inside a non-comprehensible environment, an abstract space of lines and shapes that could be microscopic but also macrocosmic. She is calmly exploring and understanding." 

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Annie Riga

Falmouth University graduate, Annie Riga, harmonises the content of the otherworld - a place rife with nature, glittering stars, and fierce magic… with a more grounded realistic worldview, to create enigmatic visions.

Take for example, ’Sometimes We Are Not Sleeping',  the deity-like subject of this piece finds themselves lost within an illuminous cosmos, though within this incomprehensible place, our subject begins to explore with composure and nobility.

Riga is intriguing for her use of the otherworld as a metaphor, but also her dazzling palette and unique mark-making.

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