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Snow Moon by Chelsea Davine

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Snow Moon (2020)

Chelsea Davine

160 x 160 cm | 62 x 62 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Gold, Moon, Abstract, Silver

Original painting in oil on canvas.

delivered to your door from £180.00

Chelsea Davine

Since the beginning of time, anything with a heartbeat has looked up to the moon and pondered on that small spec; a luminous hole punched out of a nebulous canopy. As we evolved, we began to explore and even create, but we never shook our fascination with that pearly beacon: the moon. The magic of the moon and the sky has seized the mind of one particularly talented artist, Chelsea Davine. 

‘Autumn Dusk Moon,’ is a spine-tingling impression of the glowing orange-moon commonly sighted towards the end of the autumn equinox. The dramatic orangey hues coupled with Davine’s use of an overlay of varnished gold leaf, make her piece look so igneous you half expect it to combust before your very eyes. The moon in Davine’s depiction, is the kind of moon you envisage lit the sky during some of history’s great and private moments. 

Her piece, ‘Antes de Amanecer,’ almost seems like a continuation of ‘Autumn Dusk Moon.’ A reflection of an autumnal sky, Davine has considered not only the colours of the sky, but the colours of the traditional Harvest Festival. This piece gives you a slice of time, of tradition, of ancient values. For example, the vibrant orange prevalent in the piece is highly reminiscent of pumpkins and other root vegetables typically harvested at this time, and the red of the piece is incredibly similar to the strawberries that are picked from the fruit fields during this season. The darts of gold dappled over the surface of the piece reflects the colour of the traditional ‘Corn Doll,’ a descendent of the Goddess, Ceres. Davine’s work does not seek to simply capture an image, but to create an impression of a moment in to time, to bottle an essence and release it onto a canvas. 

The work of Chelsea Davine is rich both in colour and content, and her work is one of those rare cases in which the longer you look, the more you find…


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