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Silver grey crawl | unique screenprint in black aluminium frame by Elke Finkenauer

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Silver grey crawl | unique screenprint in black aluminium frame (2018)

Elke Finkenauer

34 x 44 cm | 13 x 17 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Seductive, Colour, Abstract, Semi-Abstract

Limited edition print in screen print on paper in a total edition of 1.

Presented in a simple black, wooden frame behind glass.

delivered to your door from £32.50

Elke Finkenauer

"Your skin, an ocean, incalculable, immediate… " Elke Finkenauer has been busy carving a name for herself in the contemporary art scene these last few years; shortlisted for a range of notable awards including the Wallace Art Award and awarded the Gilbert Bayes Postgraduate Scholarship. With work that focuses on "coalescing slices of image" and "an interface between the haptic, sensory, physical world," Elke’s work is an enchantingly minimalist display that is as tender as it is contemplative.

She could perhaps be compared to Ian Hamilton Finlay; known for his particularly poetic brand of Neoclassical inscription. Elke herself has created the radiant 11,099 miles (Silver foil embossment) putting her wonderfully mind-jangling quote "Your skin, an ocean, incalculable, immediate…" to the paper and embossing it in scintillating silver…

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