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Westminster: Commons & Lords (2018)
Wayne Sleeth

100 x 100 cm | 37 x 37 in

Subject: Places/landscape
Tags: Thames, London, Architecture, Basquiat

Original painting with marble dust, acrylic and spraypaints, and acrylic markers.

"The form of Parliament painted in gold and silver - a rejection of a 'golden rule' at art school - as an allusion to a market econcomy, to the financial City itself, to power and greed. Texturally full too of crowns, a nod and a wink to monarchy and another artist cherished by Sleeth; Jean-Michel Basquiat."


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Wayne Sleeth

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Currently based in France, Wayne Sleeth is a painter of personal discovery, composing a work to his own evolving rhythm. Perceiving the act of painting a complex composition of hidden memory. Sleeth chooses to form open-ended ‘scapes’, whereby memories are shaped as inviting sensations. Landscapes and skylines become abstract forms, while emotive representations gain tangible presence.

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