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Study for Shroud Series - 'Morning' (2016)
Toni Cogdell

15 x 21 cm | 5 x 7 in

Subject: People
Tags: Portrait, Blue, Eyes, Earth Colours

Original mixed media painting in ink pen and acrylic on paper.

"Part of the 'Shroud' series - An ongoing experimentation and play with ideas and emotion."


Toni Cogdell

Toni Cogdell paints portraits of unsaid moments and unseen thoughts, the poetry which resides in daily life and in transitory moments. There is a sense of universality, an interest in the human condition.. “The Water’s Gift” portrays a woman, lost in thought, painted in rich tones which complement and merge with the background. Cogdell’s figures stand in ambiguous settings emphasising an intent focus on the cerebral. Every piece is painted with a carefully balanced palette and distinctive, contemplative composition.

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