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Sacred Grove by Julie-Ann Simpson

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Sacred Grove

Julie-Ann Simpson

180 x 120 cm | 70 x 47 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Landscape, Dusk, Bunting, Magical

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"This painting is from a body of work I made based on a trip I took to Japan in the summer of 2013. I visited many shrines in the hills, forests and mountains around Kyoto. I was really inspired and moved by the respect for nature expressed in the indigenous Shinto religion, which holds natural phenomenon such as trees and waterfalls as sacred. I actually looked quite a bit at Turner with reference to colour, but took a more eastern approach to the painting. Laying the canvas flat on the ground, I painted the shapes in fluid movements, resembling sumi-e ink paintings. My desire was to create the idea of a dreamlike landscape, which is magical but may also disappear at any given moment."

Julie-Ann recently won a prize at the Royal Scottish Academy Open – The RSA Guthrie Award and Medal: for an outstanding painting by a Scottish artist under 35.


Julie-Ann Simpson

Julie-Ann is making a significant impression on the emerging art world. Shortly after graduating in 2015, she won The RSA Guthrie Award and Medal for an outstanding painting by a Scottish artist under 35. She has exhibited regularly since then - being shortlisted for a number of competitions and awards.

Julie Ann Simpson is an artist inspired by the senses, evoking harmonic rhythm, recent memory, absence surrounded by presence, the abstracted forms act as a series of random echoes, with the resultant canvases blurring the mark between a reminiscent dream or the experienced actuality.

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