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Rocks Illuminated by Scott Whiteman

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Rocks Illuminated (2018)

Scott Whiteman

60 x 60 cm | 23 x 23 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Organic Growth, Rocks, Climbing

Original painting in oil on canvas.

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"Casting a light upon what perhaps should not be seen. A forest, a mountain in the dark. Exploring themes of overwhelming information in a digital age."

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Scott Whiteman

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With a First Class Degree in Illustration, Whiteman is the author of several storybooks. His interest in narrative takes a lyrical turn in his Fine Art, with paintings that hint at stories while resisting their linear form, creating images that are enigmatic and reticent. The paintings recreate the absorbed attention of childhood, managing to inhabit that gaze in an authentic way, with the insinuating threats on the borders of that experience not excluded either. Whiteman explores themes of powerlessness -in both the works that privilege the child’s perspective, and in the strange scenes of half animal and half human figures reminiscent of Pym, crawling through the mud, in Beckett’s How It Is.

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