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Reflection on the Nature of Being by Emma Hartley

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Reflection on the Nature of Being (2012)

Emma Hartley

76 x 51 cm | 29 x 20 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Trees, Isolation, Field, Poetic

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"I was inspired to make this atmospheric work by the place, light and time before high pressure breaks into a storm."


Emma Hartley

Emma Hartley draws influence from the world around her to produce stunning works of ethereal, emotionally charged, beauty. The ambiguous forms and misty, melting planes are somewhat similar to the void-centred iconography of the Japanese ShÅ«bun school of painting. Indeed, the pictorial language of Hartley’s work appears to embrace fluid space, expanding and contracting throughout the picture plane. Emotive clouds of colour and inky evanescent planes ebb through the image evoking instinctual responses. Both her figurative and landscape-based works resist clarity, remaining mysterious and profound, and open only to emotional interpretation. 

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