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Elayne Barre

42 x 28 cm | 15 x 10 in

Subject: Places/landscape
Tags: Desert (Sand), Surreal, Fashion

Limited edition colour photograph - total edition number 75.

"I found this location while driving the Texas-Mexico border on the way to a small town rodeo in the summer. There were no signs of life for 60-80 miles or more either side, just an abandoned run down town a couple of miles away. In fact I drove straight past and had to turn around 5 minutes later - the storm you can see brewing, started pretty soon after i got my shot so I left."

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Elayne Barre

Barre creates atmospheric, moody and painterly landscape photographs, documenting Tornado Alley in the American Midwest. These uncanny images explore places that time has left behind, in glorious black and white and an appealing palette of muted, soft colours.


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