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Portrait in Blue and Grey by Sam Wood

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Portrait in Blue and Grey (2020)

Sam Wood

26 x 36 cm | 10 x 14 in

Subject: People
Tags: Colour, Delicate, Monochromatic, Realism

Original painting in oil on wood panel.

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Sam Wood

Offering a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective, Wood treats his viewers to a rare and exquisitely unprescribed portrayal of ‘his Newcastle.’ Wood’s undeniable success is in capturing the essence of his subjects in all their glorious authenticity. Movement appears to bristle upon his canvases, whilst his manipulation of light and shade lends itself superbly to the delivery of a truly organic depiction of life. 

Rendered in oil paint, Wood describes how he will ‘layer, scrape and wipe areas of paintings,’ adding a tangible dimension to his work. He details how he underpins this practice with the desire to capture the mood of his subjects.

Sam Wood’s raw and impassioned work is comparable to a thunderstorm: immensely powerful and oddly tranquil…

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