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Pomegranates by Rosemary Lewis

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Rosemary Lewis

25 x 15 cm | 9 x 5 in

Subject: Objects/still Life
Tags: Apple

'Pomegranates', painting in oil on board. "In all my paintings I try to achieve a balance between recording and responding to what I see, and making an interesting and beautiful surface when the painting is viewed up close. I have a loose, painterly style and prefer to suggest rather than paint in every detail"


Rosemary Lewis

For those in search of painting with permanence, Rosemary Lewis represents extraordinary value and staying power. While these intricate miniatures have a timeless charm and beauty, hyperrealist contemporary artists such as Mauro David and Duane Hanson draw significant crowds. Lewis’ acute studies balance incredible detail with simple, geometric compositions.
Ranging from 7 – 25cm it should be easy to find a place for the work of this promising artist.

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