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Phthalo Blue by Olivia Durley

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Phthalo Blue (2017)

Olivia Durley

150 x 150 cm | 59 x 59 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Light, Blue, Movement

Original painting in oil on canvas.

delivered to your door from £75.00

Olivia Durley

Painting has an incredible power to understand landscape; it can portray the bewitching colour of the natural world or capture the indefinable, ever-changing sky. Much more than a photograph, painting captures the emotive rush of a landscape by capturing the visceral movement of clouds tumbling over the landscape, or the brilliancy of light which bathes the sky in colour. The paintings of Olivia Durley express the changing sky, from dark, cold, and foreboding to the soft morning light, tainted with the vibrant heat of sunrise. There is a sense of the ephemeral in her work - of the transient nature of time. Similarly, the absence and flux of colour and contour suggests the shifting nature of light. The paintings, like the skies of which they capture, are at once enigmatic and ever-engaging.

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