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Pepys Study 007 by Steve Burden

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Pepys Study 007 (2020)

Steve Burden

20 x 15 cm | 7 x 5 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Architecture, Action, Abstract, Aggressive, Abstract_Expressionist

Original mixed media painting in oil on heavyweight paper.

Painting in oil on a photograph taken by the artist.

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Steve Burden

In conversation (Podcast)
Investment tip 2017
See Investable Artists (2017/18)

Investment tip (2019) 

Steve Burden constructs images laden with brutalist edges and heavy slabs of colour to express the juxtaposition of humans in urban environments. The works contain a sense of aggression and isolation which is accentuated by Burden’s aesthetic style of scraped-back paint and strong, solid, tonal range. Inspired by his upbringing in the “urban jungle” of London, his paintings contain architectural and figurative elements. The work is evocative of Friedrich Engels observations of the streets of London, “The very turmoil of the streets has something repulsive, something against which human nature rebels.” Burden, however, creates images that not only rebel against the bustling streets and forgotten housing estates but revel and excel within them.

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