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Obfuscate I by Lisa Scrimgeour

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Obfuscate I

Lisa Scrimgeour

150 x 120 cm | 59 x 47 in

Subject: People
Tags: Portrait, Women, Gold, Dripping, Impasto, Face, Pensive, Eyes, Transpersonal, Enigmatic, Emergence

Original painting in oil and mixed media on board.  

"This piece was created at the first realisation of a great vulnerability. Unable to truly grasp what I wanted to say, or rather, the inability to say what I have to say to the appropriate person. I cannot fully convey the fragility and perhaps even, the pusillanimous of my inner feelings towards the very process of creating art but this piece is where it starts taking shape in my work. The usual devolved character, breaking through thousands of questions in silence, contemplative yet unbearably withdrawn. 'Obfuscate' is a title I have chosen to both unveil dimensions whilst enigmatically obscuring some of those 'thousands of questions'." - Lisa Scrimgeour.


Lisa Scrimgeour

Lisa Scrimgeour’s work encourages immediate responses to the elusive quality of identity. Large masked portraits absorb the composition, forcing confrontation. The use of subtle colour is used to aggravate a subdued, melancholy whilst expressive texture reveals fluid and grotesque depths of expression. The figures themselves seem almost contemplative, lost and alone. Their gaze reaches out with their frames grasping onlookers with detailed eyes. The painterly masks remain expressive and envelop each face, creating disturbing, dramatic depths in which the viewer themselves are left to contemplate. Stirring emotional responses, the works visceral enigmatic and destructive form disrupt traditional concepts of identity to create catharsis for the moral and social burdens of the everyday.

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