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Number 3 by Bella Marr

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Number 3 (2018)

Bella Marr

60 x 70 cm | 23 x 27 in

Subject: Abstract

Original painting in acrylic and oil on canvas.


Bella Marr

Bella Marr’s abstract paintings traverse the subconscious via texture and tone. This unconventional young artist creates a selection of unique and embryonic pieces, all of which have a superb narrative underpinning fertility and femininity. 

Marr’s relationship with her creative practice is one she describes as being of great 'intimacy’. Perhaps this points to her creative process; during which time, she encourages her subconscious to take the lead - and guide her on a completely unplanned journey. Resulting in unexpected, organic and original work. 

Comparisons could be made to Rorschach’s Inkblots. Rorschach was also fascinated by the concept of letting the subconscious take the lead, saying that his inkblots were ‘incursions of the spirit world,’ - shapes that came naturally rather than by force.  

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