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Nudge by John Clark

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Nudge (2016)

John Clark

122 x 76 cm | 48 x 29 in

Subject: People
Tags: Couple, Lean, Pale Blue

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"But if there seems no good reason to paint I am clear enough about what I paint: models of people or fragments of bodies that I have found and sometimes built. They are culled from the half world of the computer which provides tools for their manipulation in a gravity free environment. I cut them up, arrange, combine and light them. It is a form of play that proceeds with some urgency, as if it were a hunt." 


John Clark

John Clark’s work forms unique interpretations of modern day identities. Plays of light, tone and shape give Clark’s work a contemporary feel whilst compositional values seemingly cede to the imagery of classical painting. This wide breadth of dexterity gives Clark’s work a unique impact which, in turn, extends the deliciously thought provoking effect of each effigy. There is something undoubtedly familiar about certain pieces. Clark has a captivating style, with underlying messages including the desolation and irony of the modern workplace ethos. Figurative depictions with clever illusions of space give a satisfying sense of depth.

Clark's paintings emerge and mark a pause; signals that something has been glimpsed and might be noted. That the carefully rendered models are figures, lends a complicating narrative dimension to work that might otherwise simply be about the play of light and shade across objects in space.

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