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Myth III: Protect and Survive by John Brennan

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Myth III: Protect and Survive (2011)

John Brennan

20 x 20 cm | 7 x 7 in

Subject: People
Tags: Naked, Skin, Symbols, Occult, Talisman, Exposed

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"For me this feels like a coming of age picture, the pentacle forming a protective talisman. As with most of my titles, it suggested itself in a flash. Perhaps subliminally the pentacle seen at a glance reminded me of the CND symbol (the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament). Protect and Survive was the title of the series of British government public information films that would have been broadcast during the Cold War, in the event of nuclear attack. This painting is part of a series called 'My Mythology."


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