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Veronica Wells

90 x 122 cm | 35 x 48 in

Subject: People
Tags: Love, Couple, Attachment, Delicate, Home, Enigmatic, Anxious

Original painting in acrylic on board.

"Investigating the world of the ideal brings with it its own destruction; over-consumed, over-fed and yet malnourished and deficient. Mixing rough and broad brushstrokes with finer, more intricate details, my work questions the idea of perfection."

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Veronica Wells

As a painter Wells is bold and affrontive, handling both the medium of paint, and the human form with a technique conversant with legends of fashion-illustration such as René Gruau and the artist Chantal Joffe.
Their size has great impact, and always thoughtfully composed, Wells' paintings oscillate between the polished and the raw in their critique of perfection.

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