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Meta Color 03 by Bartosz Beda

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Meta Color 03 (2019)

Bartosz Beda

19 x 24 cm | 7 x 9 in

Subject: People
Tags: Figurative, Abstract, Delight, Breathe, Exposed

Original painting in acrylic on paper.

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Bartosz Beda

Social identity: We begin to weave a stifling robe for ourselves the very moment we are thrust into communal life and one can't help but ponder how it might feel to shed the shroud of group-mentality and instead embrace ...anonymity? This is exactly the feeling that Bartosz Beda has strived to capture with sensational results. Take for example, his artwork Children Of The Megaphone III; this particular piece appears to have been invoked from delicate, and muted pastel tones, which gives the unnamed subject of the work a heart-wrenching poignancy.

As wicked and unscrupulous politicians went to war with one another, a vacuum swelled into existence, and from this vacuum came a glittering surfeit of retaliatory artwork. At the fore of this fire-blooded gang were the likes of The Guerilla Girls, Andy Warhol, and Max Ernst. Continuing the rebellion today is Bartosz Beda, whose formidably eye-opening pieces will leave you thinking (have a read about the subject of his Children of the Megaphone Series) 

Beda is a master of colour, and his canvas manifests like a kaleidoscopic dreamland. His most recent work, Repercussion II, is a mix of violet oils, which will coax you away on a lazy river and into the pensive lakes of nostalgia. However, Metempsychosis, is an agitated and strangely wired piece, that with loose tendrils of cyan and magenta, hint at the profoundly unsteady mind of the subject.

It is a rare treat to stumble across such an accomplished artist, as Beda has been featured: The Guardian, The New York Journal, BuzzFeed, and many more

As we said when we first discovered Beda, there are some artists for whom words simply fail. Beda is a brilliant painter his paintings have the drama of Bacon, the gestural fervour of Auerbach. He displays above all a judgement that cannot be taught and a fine sense of curiosity entirely his own. There’s something poignant about the way Bartosz Beda applies paint – the images rise up like bruises.

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