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Megaherd by Aiden Milligan

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Megaherd (2018)

Aiden Milligan

61 x 61 cm | 24 x 24 in

Subject: Animals
Tags: Underwater, Blue, Swimming, Whale

Original painting in oil on canvas.


Aiden Milligan

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Humour and horror equalise each other in the unexpected illustrative landscapes of Aiden Milligan. Far from observing space in a traditional sense, Milligan rescues the depiction of rural life from banality by portraying allegory and narrative. Perhaps even more surprising is his capacity for creating suspense in the imagery. Indeed, many of the images have a feeling of absence which gives a macabre power to the pieces. Milligan’s confident use of negative space heightens the dramatic effect of each piece, yet the illustrative style refuses to let the creeping sense of threat control the narrative. Instead, the images play out multiple possibilities without succumbing to a fixed reading.

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