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Love, Scars & Bruises (2016)


80 x 80 cm | 29 x 29 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Red, Purple, Abstract, Vibrant

Original painting in acrylic and spray paint on canvas.  

“They say time heals all wounds. But does it close the gaps too? Maybe it can. Maybe in a year it turns an eight-year time gap into dust. Maybe it turns a girl who didn't know what she wanted into someone who became certain. Maybe it turns twenty-one stolen kisses into endless given ones.” ― Lauren Blakely, 21 Stolen Kisses

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D.U.R.A's delicate watercolours celebrate femininity and nature; her elegant, idealised forms - a modern interpretation of Art Nouveau's balanced style. With surreal charm she illustrates natural worlds and natural states of innocence and independence, whilst her more wistful pieces are still touched by romance and nostalgia.

Her larger scale painting exhibits a more expressionist preference, as the form and volume of great landscapes is built up from a much freer application of paint. It is in acrylic, it seems, that the artist has allowed herself more freedom to experiment.

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