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Lorenz, 1930

Kevin Smith

7 x 7 cm | 2 x 2 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Nostalgic, Pencil, Baby

Original drawing in pencil on found paper.

"Usually I remember finding each photograph I draw - the image evokes a memory of the place it was found. I have no memory of finding this image of a baby boy, lying in a blanket on the grass (I have lots like it). I imagine that it sat in a pile and then found its way into one of the envelopes that sit around the room I draw in. I found it again when it was turned so that the text was visible on its reverse: "Lorenz, Vienna 1930". The photograph is of a baby, so common to be dismissed as banal, but its narratives are charged with all the chaos and uncertainty of the place and time it was taken."

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Kevin Smith

A faded memory, a banal moment that once held significance falls out of reach, it is only when we look at a photograph that we half recall this moment, those people and that place.. The work of Kevin Smith surrounds these memories. Beautifully detailed drawings are sympathetic to the found photographic references they portray. It is a lost memory restored by sentimental hands. These scenes that had lain forgotten now breathe new life. Smith's meticulous attention to detail cares for the subjects. In “Billy’s Do, May 67”, it could be our own family that this couple represent, staring out of their frame with tender eyes. The piece signifies familiarity and a rebirth of the fading past whilst encouraging us to look at the narrative of each piece and re-examine our own experience.

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