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Looking-Glass III

Naomi Robb

66 x 84 cm | 24 x 31 in

Subject: People
Tags: Portrait, Eyes, Mist, Layers, Enigmatic

Original painting in oil on board, presented in a simple white, oval frame.

"My primary focus lies with portraiture and the human body, exploring themes of fragility within intimate domestic settings." 

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Naomi Robb

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There is a familiar femininity in the paintings of Naomi Robb. There is also a sense of distance, we cannot quite decipher these women. Within “The Looking Glass” series, figures gaze outward, finding themselves on the other side of a steam distorted mirror. Reminiscent of Lewis Carroll's Alice, these figures appear in another dimension and yet their environment is conventional, domestic, recognisable. “Cage I” similarly uses distortion to distance the figures from traditional interpretation. An eye stares widely, dazzling yet alarming. There appears to be a cage like barrier obscuring our view. Painted in blues and ivory flesh tones, the detail is meticulous and enchanting. It lulls the viewer forward with its mystery. Robb's subjects suggest quiet unease and immunity to interrogation.

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