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Living Space by Henry Merrick

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Living Space

Henry Merrick

86 x 132 cm | 33 x 51 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Table, Shapes

Original mixed media painting in outdoor paint, oils, pen, pencil and fabric on cotton twill canvas.

"This painting is stretched on the canvas bars with a large cotton twill rag, that builders use. It is quite thin and delicate but creates an interesting texture and surface. I stuck on a piece of linin on top of the fabric, exposing another contrasting surface, which was painted in a light blue. It is interesting working on different textures, as some marks are easier to make on one surface than others. In the top half of the painting I have stuck on pieces of velvet from which I wanted to give another contrasting texture and affect. It gives of a more interior affect than the other surfaces. Working in and around this fabric I wanted to portray electric cables running across the canvas. Adding influences of a house or building. Using black outdoor gloss paint this strip stands out from the rest of the materials. Announcing its energy. I painted a light bulb underneath the fabric. Objects I have collected are then painted on the surface that also categorise elements of the human body. A brick floats under the dark blue fabric referencing a head. A seat cover is painted on the light blue surface referencing the upper body. A stool is then painted at the bottom half of the painting referencing the lower body. I also drew a lamp on the left hand side in pen. I wanted to connect how objects around the house can allude to elements of the body in an abstract way. The form of these objects relates to everyday living. The different surfaces and textures make some areas feel more alive than others."

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