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Tadeusz Bilecki

62 x 71 cm | 22 x 26 in

Subject: People
Tags: Portrait, Black , Enigmatic

Original painting in acrylic on reclaimed lingerie packaging.

"These days, I produce work with a few coats of painting one over the other on a paper that has been misshapen with an important quantity of water and folded a few times. Those works are without varnish, without a final touch and without a frame. I am searching for a non-finished looking result, a crude effect."

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Tadeusz Bilecki

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Tadeusz Bilecki creates an interesting aesthetic through a applying a process of deterioration. Lively colours and carefully cut portraits are disrupted by using layers of water which crumble and corrode the painted surface. Delicate features of the models can still be seen under the diluted surfaces of paint and water. The collage of paper and the misshapen textures give the pieces a sculptural element. The thinning details of the portraits as fragile yet unabashedly colourful juxtapose the sense of temporality. These brazenly cut shapes and textures possessively strike the space they occupy. An obstinate beauty prevails throughout the layers of detriment, which give the work distinct style.

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