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Light Bridge by Zoë Hoare

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Light Bridge

Zoë Hoare

141 x 190 cm | 55 x 74 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Mist, Abstract

Original paper sculptural relief within a wooden frame and Perspex screen.

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"In Light Bridge, I aim to establish an uncanny harmony between the destructive technique of cutting and the often delicate outcomes which emerge. I have noticed that an interesting transformation takes place when 3-dimentional sculptural relief is placed in a shallow MDF box and covered with a semi-transulent surface, instantly making it appear flat and image-like. After much experimentation I figured that frosted Perspex was an interesting material to use. There is a sense of illusion here, as the image is not what it first appears to be. As the veiled sculpture below makes contact with its Perspex skin, light is allowed to pass between the two and the folds and incisions are illuminated as if from within. A visual language plays itself out from underneath creating what is perhaps best described as a ‘surface tension’. "

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Zoë Hoare

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Resisting categorization, themes of duality and illusion intertwine in the sculptural picture plane of Zoë Hoare’s work. Using cut paper to make sculptural assemblages, Hoare frames the pieces with a veil-like plastic screen. The screen defuses the sculpture beneath and forces it to become two-dimensional. The restrictive palette and seemingly unassuming craftsmanship instead emphases the nuances of light and shadow. This process of deconstructionism and the cathartic reconstructive conclusion allows Hoare to demonstrate the duality of image making and express the link between illusion and reality. Adolph Gottlieb, of the New York School of abstract art, gave a statement in which he remarked that “so-called abstraction” was the “realism of our time.” Indeed, in the shifting realities of our age, Hoare’s work offers a representation of the complexities of modernity.

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