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Les Mouettes No.1 by Wayne Sleeth

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Les Mouettes No.1 (2012)

Wayne Sleeth

60 x 81 cm | 23 x 31 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Dripping, Birds, Lilac

Original painting in oil on canvas.

Original painting in acrylic and oil on canvas.

"The first of an ongoing series of works dealing with an environment close to my heart; the coast. The composition is as always reduced to two planes, here the sky is incised by the flight of gulls, describing an ambiguous space. The notion of using a figurative element to describe or fix an abstract, anonymous space has now become a factor in my rendering of land- and sea-scapes."

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Wayne Sleeth

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Currently based in France, Wayne Sleeth is a painter of personal discovery, composing a work to his own evolving rhythm. Perceiving the act of painting a complex composition of hidden memory. Sleeth chooses to form open-ended ‘scapes’, whereby memories are shaped as inviting sensations. Landscapes and skylines become abstract forms, while emotive representations gain tangible presence.

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