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Judith Stamp by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

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Judith Stamp

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

60 x 60 cm | 23 x 23 in

Subject: People

'Judith Stamp', painting in oil and acrylic on canvas. Since early childhood Fontaine-Wolf developed a fascination with the human figure through watching her mother painting portraits for a living. This interest in people has been amplified through her multicultural upbringing and living in crowded cities such as London and Munich.


Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

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Fontaine-Wolf is an artist of great technical ability, tact and an instinct so sure and refined that her work can afford to be as much about what she leaves out as what she gives existence to in the final work. A fine balance between the extremes of the photo-realistic and the expressionist; polished fullness and the flatness of a blank canvas, the resulting paintings retain the rawness of a work that seems to have been born in front of you. This dialectic between the tamed and the wild finds its thematic echo in the notion of femininity and the expectations of beauty that Wolf presents and evaluates.

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