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Ivy Study by Henry Yang

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Ivy Study (2018)

Henry Yang

61 x 75 cm | 24 x 29 in

Subject: Nature
Tags: Sky, Blue, Leaves, Leaf

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"Studying the compositional effects of various mathematical patterns, this digression is a study on the behaviour of natural forms. Maintaining a strong sense of line, the painting attempts to bring to light that which has been previously painted in dark, and to study and play on the metaphor of light and dark, offering a lightness and weightlessness to normally grounded plant life. 

Continuing with the contemporary dialogue surrounding Abstract-Realism, the work comments on our current perceptions regarding abstraction, and attempts to create an image whereby a strong sense of realism and a strong sense of abstraction are simultaneously achieved. The blue in the work can be perceived to be an almost colour-field like, abstract, expanse. All the while the Ivy winding through the work, painted realistically, affects our view of the abstract blue, distorting our perspective & alluding to the realism inherent in the blue expanse." 

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Henry Yang

Like a dreamy stained glass window, or a chord of rainbow scales...Henry Yang is an intrepid explorer, setting out to discover the ’code’ of the universe. He creates work that reflects the unseen mysteries of life: using sublime colours in synergy with clean-contoured geometry to create stunning representations of organic cells...

Yang uses a variety of sophisticated and effective tiling methods, which include: Penrose, Fibonacci, and 3-D referencing. One of his most intriguing pieces is ’Citrus Limon’ which takes its inspiration from an actual methane molecule; Yang transforms this molecule into an arrangement of opaline, lime-green, tetrahedrons. The art art itself seems to radiate light from within the canvas, truly spectacular.

Join Yang on his luminous exploration of the secret world of cells...

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