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Iris by Sonja De Graaf

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Iris (2017)

Sonja De Graaf

80 x 80 cm | 31 x 31 in

Subject: Nature
Tags: Flower, Black , Profile, Eye

Original painting in acrylic on canvas.

"I've always painted flowers. Coming from Holland and especially from a small town where the flower bulbs are cultivated, I was always surrounded by flowers. They are complex creations if you really think about it and have interesting ways of communicating. Flowers and women have a lot in common. Just as the flower shows off its colours in order to be pollinated, women dress up and go through all kinds of extreme beauty measures in order to attract the male species and be fertilised. On a more pictorial level, i wanted to challenge myself by overlapping flowers and portraits."

NB - Additional image shows the work in progress.

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Sonja De Graaf

Sonja de Graaf’s paintings swell with bella figura; aesthetic forms and dancing gestures celebrate youth, beauty and energy. Photographic sources become animated by paint and flavoursome textures are re-rendered with broad sweeps of colour.

De Graaf’s zest for life is evident in her painting. This Dutch artist honed her skills at LABA Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, and then as assistant to the renowned installation artist, Vittorio Corsini.

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