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Into the Peace of Wild Things by Ani Grimes

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Into the Peace of Wild Things (2019)

Ani Grimes

150 x 130 cm | 59 x 51 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Nature

Original painting in oil on canvas.

delivered to your door from £75.00

Ani Grimes

‘Who are you again?’ It’s a weird question - a complex existential enquiry. A question that artist Ani Grimes used to interrogate her own identity. She originated from China, has always identified as British. However, when her cultural identity was called into question and she found herself feeling scattered, experiencing feelings of displacement and rejection. So, Ani went on a glorious adventure of self-discovery (and solitude) into the English countryside, where she created artwork with the powerful message ‘just be…’ 

Grimes graduated from Brighton University with a BA in Fine Art and Painting this year, and has gone on to create a stunning array of pieces inspired by the rich landscape of the English countryside. Her work, which manifests in oils, depicts skeletal trees which she says are a metaphor for her ‘strong sense of self.’ Meanwhile, the reflective bodies of water found in her work stand for ‘self-reflection,’ and ‘ever-changing forms.’

The colours in Grime’s work compliment beautifully the theme of her artwork; cool blues, pale lilacs, and mint greens, all alluding to a nostalgic, cool clarity... detached and slightly melancholic.

Ani Grimes' creative venture is a poignant journey and one we invite you to join her on.

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