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Into the Mist by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

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Into the Mist

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

43 x 43 cm | 16 x 16 in

Subject: People
Tags: Broad Brushstrokes, Circle, Feminine, Unfinished, Mist, Mysterious, Beauty, Layers, Delicate, Cold

Original painting in oil, ink, acrylic and pastel on canvas.

"This piece is from a series in which I started to engage the process of painting and image creation more directly with the tension between desire and lack. Working over old ‘unsatisfactory’ images by simply whiting out and washing off, the process of which re-activates the old rejected layers of water-soluble ink, leads to a merging of the old and the new. This technique begins to develop a visual language internal to the painting dialectic between the imagined finished image (desire), the dissatisfaction with the resulting image (lack), and the return to the image (desire) in an attempt to draw something new out from it. These paintings develop through a combination of chance and active choice, and, through engaging with the processes of creation and destruction inherent to painting, attempt to give expression to the constant cycle of desire and return to lack. Much in the same vein in which Francis Bacon and others approached image making, something must be destroyed, or covered in order for something new to form or emerge."

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Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

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Fontaine-Wolf is an artist of great technical ability, tact and an instinct so sure and refined that her work can afford to be as much about what she leaves out as what she gives existence to in the final work. A fine balance between the extremes of the photo-realistic and the expressionist; polished fullness and the flatness of a blank canvas, the resulting paintings retain the rawness of a work that seems to have been born in front of you. This dialectic between the tamed and the wild finds its thematic echo in the notion of femininity and the expectations of beauty that Wolf presents and evaluates.

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