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In the Moment

Oliver Ryan

89 x 120 cm | 32 x 44 in

Subject: Objects/still Life
Tags: Vintage, Earth Colours, Doll

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"The half broken doll is an appealing subject alongside my notions of abstract and figurative space; an object that is virtually recognisable as a doll yet has lost some of its representational qualities through the broken form."

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Oliver Ryan

Searching the dimly lit forms of Oliver Ryan’s paintings, porcelain figurines start to emerge from sombre backdrops. The delicate quality of porcelain is reflected in tentative brushstrokes suggesting a  temporal and entropic fragility. However, the subtle painterly style against the broken forms of the figures obstruct viewers interpretations and instead lend an enigmatic austerity to the pieces. The fragmented condition of the figures compel a sense of lonesome and mournful sentimentality whilst maintaining a distance from the formal context and meaning of porcelain figurines. Removing the context in this way allows a nebulous yet profound evocation. The forms, then, become manifestations of form, for forms sake, inducing luxurious contemplations of the silky reflections of light and tone, magnificently fortified in each piece.

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