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Il Silenzio Interiore (Silence Within) by Fabiano Gagliano

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Il Silenzio Interiore (Silence Within) (2018)

Fabiano Gagliano

22 x 35 cm | 8 x 13 in

Subject: People
Tags: Blue, Dramatic, Beauty, Theatrical, Blonde

Original painting in mixed media on wood.

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Fabiano Gagliano

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Fabiano Gagliano is an artist driven by a love of drawing and of beauty. His mythical characterisations of the Bella Donna, while familiar to modern eyes and tastes, link to romances of the past, celebrating the mysteries of femininity. Virtuous yet sexual; both classical and pre-Raphaelite, if you like.
But in the background, Roman letters etched in stone hint at hidden horror: VIDE COR MEUM, inscribed behind Untitled’s haughty beauty, in fact a cryptic reference to Dante’s Inferno, via the music of Patrick Cassidy in the slasher classic Hannibal.

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