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Ice House Circle by Paul Smith

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Ice House Circle

Paul Smith

76 x 60 cm | 29 x 23 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Sculpture, Forest, Mystical, Green, Grass, Mysterious, Structure, Ritual

Original painting in oil on canvas.

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Paul Smith

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Paul Smith utilises the fluid, bleeding properties of his medium to create dream like scenes : rooted in reality but with an unearthly luminescence. His economy of detail and attention to structured composition contributes to the surreal artifice of these not-quite-everyday vistas. As well as these constants in his style, Smith experiments with a range of painting techniques, displaying at times a brooding romantic flare,  at others, a sort of neon neo-modernism. Cryptic titles perhaps emphasise the malleability of the memory of a place, the tendency to distort scale, confuse small details, and attach greater significance to others.

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