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Homage to Pelican Island by Michaela Hollyfield

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Homage to Pelican Island (2016)

Michaela Hollyfield

100 x 150 cm | 39 x 59 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Mountains, Colour, Doig, Valley

Original painting in oil on canvas.

"This painting was influenced by the Peter Doig Painting 'Pelican Island', 2006 Started just as my MA show was looming, this painting has gone through quite some evolution, from it's very promising first stains to quite an opaque and in parts impasto final piece. I have in this work tried to combine more elements of my painting language. I am very influenced by Doig's work and as my previous body of work had been using the Boat as a motif, I felt it would be interesting to use Doig's composition as a basis and a hat tip to his influence in the trajectory of my own working process."


Michaela Hollyfield

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Michaela Hollyfield creates ambiguous landscapes using an intuitive style. Dark, moon kissed colour emanates from the work. Rushing brush strokes wield themselves through the canvas  and create organic shapes suggesting forests or a fox wreathed in a ravine of colour. Hollyfield paints atmospheric mountains, doused in quiet hues whilst another work portrays a forest as night befalls, trees stand stark against the electric blues of midnight. This journey through imagined landscapes lends the work an elusive quality, which remains captivating through the rich use of colour and the painterly attention to form.

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