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Happy Happy Devil Tree by Orlanda Broom

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Happy Happy Devil Tree (2016)

Orlanda Broom

60 x 60 cm | 23 x 23 in

Subject: Nature
Tags: Purple, Orange, Petals, Pattern, Rich, Beauty, Lush

Original painting in acrylic, oil and resin on canvas (glass-like finish).

"My paintings are lush and colourful landscapes that exist as part of a fantastical, re-imagined place. I have applied a hyper, saturated view of the world and the scenes I paint make no reference to human or animal existence. These places could be future or past as they are untouched; wild, overgrown and ripe to the point of rotten. The initial joyousness, the lure of beauty and colour is tempered by an uneasy sense of abandonment, there’s a toxicity implied in the use of unrealistic colour. In some of my work I use resin, which has a glasslike finish and echoes the sappy excretions that the plants might exude." 


Orlanda Broom

Florid, rich colour creates a visual entrapment in the works of Orlanda Broom. Wildly blossoming, excessive jungles are exuberantly portrayed in a whirlwind of colour. The paintings themselves warn of temptations. Tempestuous juxtapositions are explored through the human desire to explore yet the dangers that we should inevitably fall upon; not just in the nature we explore, but also, consequently in the losing of ourselves. The intoxicating use of colour, may lead us astray with their bewitching beauty. The paintings are a testament to human desire whilst also satisfyingly leaving no proof of our, or other animal existence. These works beseech a world untouched, unblemished, blooming and completely unattainable.

Orlanda Broom has exhibited regularly in London and Internationally. Her paintings have been selected for curated shows and competitions including Threadneedle Prize, NOAC, BEEP and the RA Summer Exhibition. In 2016 Orlanda completed a major commission (4m x 4m) for the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel in New York.

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Video of Orlanda discussing her Four Seasons Hotel commission NY

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