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Hansel and Gretel (after Caspar David Friedrich) by Iain Andrews

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Hansel and Gretel (after Caspar David Friedrich)

Iain Andrews

60 x 50 cm | 23 x 19 in

Tags: Broad Brushstrokes

'Hansel and Gretel (after Caspar David Friedrich)', painting in acrylic on canvas.  Andrews was recently featured in BBC 2's School of Saatchi as one of 12 emerging artists shortlisted by Charles Saatchi for the series. His work is concerned with the struggle to capture the relationship between the spiritual and the sensual, apparent opposites that are expressed in his work through the conflict of high narrative themes and sensuous painterly marks.


Iain Andrews

Recipient of many accolades including 1st prize winner at Open up North, the Marmite Painting Prize and the Towry Prize,  Andrews is widely sought after and highly collectable.

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