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Grand Canyon of Indecision (2018)

Tim Smith

81 x 101 cm | 29 x 37 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Detailed, Impasto, Warm, Marks, Busy

Original painting in oil on canvas

"This is a painting about Bonnard. I've never seen indecision as a bad thing. That old story of how Picasso derided him for not settling on one colour always fascinated me, and this painting is about pushing that a bit further. What would Bonnard have made of the light and space in America? I can see Bonnard in the landscape there - a painter's vision of the world will get in our head, and we begin to see the world with their vision." 

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Tim Smith

Tim Smith's handling of paint is reminiscent of Frank Auerbach - intense, gestural and thickly applied with bold impasto marks and colours. Nature, humanity, textures, patterns  and cultural motifs all jostle for space in his work.

A clamorous celebration of all things becomes a simple appreciation of form and colour; the way in which the painterly supersedes the subject evokes also the spirit of Jasper Johns. Smith draws from history, experience, fiction and fantasy to reflect his kaleidoscopic cultural vision. 

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