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From Jérusalem with Love by Léopoldine Roux

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From Jérusalem with Love (2018)

Léopoldine Roux

15 x 10 cm | 5 x 3 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Building, Playful, Colour, Vintage

Mixed media collage in lacquer on a vintage postcard.

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Léopoldine Roux

There were rose tinted glasses and now we have Leopoldine Roux’s rainbow coloured spectacles, re-creating a previously grey world in glorious technicolour. Roux isn’t just an artist, she is an agent forging postcard-sized windows into a world of daydreams and whimsy. Using greyscale vintage postcards as her canvas, Roux applies vivid lacquer colours to change the dynamic of the original scene and make it wholly more theatrical. Most importantly, Leopoldine Roux seems to harbour a wonderful playfulness and sense of humour...


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