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Fragments of Self by Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

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Fragments of Self (2017)

Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

97 x 127 cm | 38 x 50 in

Subject: People
Tags: Monotone, Broad Brushstrokes, Mouth, Portrait, Fragments

Original painting in mixed media on canvas.

Original painting in oil, and acrylic on raw linen canvas.

"As the title describes, this is a self-portrait based on an often very fragmented sense of self. As human beings we are never static or complete, instead, we are in a constant state of flux: growing, dying, changing; and I am often aware of how my thoughts, feelings and general sense of self is a constant, choppy stream of consciousness, rather than a cohesive set of ideas, values or characteristics. Yet it is difficult to come to terms with this very fluid state of identity and I find myself wanting to pinpoint an often nebulous sense of being. This is something which draws me to both portraiture and painting; They offer the possibility to create a more certain, permanent version of ourselves and our loved ones. The piece is built up in many layers of loose, free brush marks, almost like inkblots, some of which have been partially or completely covered, out of which the portrait emerges. This is then contained within a solid rectangle, which attempts to hold the portrait in a confided frame mirroring the 2 dimensional flat confines of the painted portrait in itself. Lacanian ideas of the fragmented self, as well as Vanitas ideas referring the fleeting nature of life and lost moments are present in the work."

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Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

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Fontaine-Wolf is an artist of great technical ability, tact and an instinct so sure and refined that her work can afford to be as much about what she leaves out as what she gives existence to in the final work. A fine balance between the extremes of the photo-realistic and the expressionist; polished fullness and the flatness of a blank canvas, the resulting paintings retain the rawness of a work that seems to have been born in front of you. This dialectic between the tamed and the wild finds its thematic echo in the notion of femininity and the expectations of beauty that Wolf presents and evaluates.

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