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Fragile Lovers II by Christian Neuman

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Fragile Lovers II (2020)

Christian Neuman

80 x 100 cm | 31 x 39 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Love, Blue, Red, Lovers, Abstract

Original painting in oil on canvas.

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Christian Neuman

Christian Neuman conjures curiously touchable canvases with compelling and emotive narratives. Neuman’s art is an enthralling voyage for the senses and the rebellious soul. The artist describes how he works: on the edge of pure expression, in order to capture the most authentic and un-embellished states of human emotion. Take for example his work, ’Conscious I’, conjured in black oils as thick, rich, and dark as tar, which appear to be making a bid to escape the surface of the canvas. The work is wonderfully personal and theatrical and embraces a diverse range of human emotions.

For Neuman, forging a consistent aesthetic link between his works is essential. His background as a filmmaker no doubt informs this approach - with methodic, thoughtful and philosophical processes creating a linear storybook experience for the viewer.

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