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Forest's Edge by David Mcconochie

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Forest's Edge

David Mcconochie

59 x 57 cm | 23 x 22 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Trees, Woods, Forest, Couple, Meeting, Tree

Mixed media painting - incorporating printmaking and collage, in ink and paint on wood panel, produced in a limited edition of 3 with each being unique as hand finished.


David Mcconochie

Not unlike early cubism, David McConochie experiments with form through dramatic fragmentation -  his images of landscapes are arranged into grid-like, geometric structures, created through collage. McConochie’s technique involves painting, or drawing, a landscape and subsequently cutting it up and rearranging it into a new composition. The resulting imagery plays with the traditional representation of landscape as subject matter, subverting it to instead focus on imagined structural forms and interpenetrating planes. Similarly, effective, is McConochie’s use of colourful, bold hues to represent the landscape. McConochie’s stylistic approach creates labyrinths of intricacies, infusing his imagery with an oxymoronic sense of control and, simultaneously, chaos. This conflicting aspect of the work, is the visualisation of what McCononchie sees as the fundamental characteristic of the world he is representing.

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