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Fondamenta (2016)

Laura Hope

46 x 25 cm | 17 x 9 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Building, Layers, Amorphous

Original mixed media drawing in pen, pencil, ink and chalk pastel on two layers of polyester film.

"Fondamenta is an effort to depict the combination of contingency and human endeavour which shape Venice both above and below the water, and the tension between the built and natural landscapes as each erodes the limits of the other. Here, Venice is a city of shifting foundations and dynamic limits - it does not expand into a watery vacuum, but into a lively ecology, with detailed abstract passages representing the surrounding sea and salt marshes."

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Laura Hope

Laura Hope creates extraordinary, visually equivocal landscapes, playing with different mediums and transparent materials to create layers of spatial activity. “Competition for Limited Map Space” contains familiar and intricate architectural structures juxtaposed with gestural splashes of colourful watercolour pigments which drip and spill over the surface creating a vibrant energy. The layering of transparent sheets with built up watercolour overlap to create a river of saturated hues. The divergent patterns of paint and its inky waterfalls of colour transform the planes of houses and streets to a dimension of visually alluring aesthetics. The contrasting approaches give the work a playful and enigmatic effect whilst the recognisable shapes within have a careful, yet engrossing familiarity.

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