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Eyes On the Road by Henry Merrick

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Eyes On the Road

Henry Merrick

86 x 86 cm | 33 x 33 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Building

Original painting in oil, marble dust, outdoor paint and pencil on linen.

"This painting in composed from a section of a photograph referencing a parked car and garage. The surfaces were quite weathered and aged. I wanted the balance and repetition of tones to be more simplified. The shapes are quite abstract there are more expressive marks. The characteristics of the features are present but the details are more loosely portrayed. It gives an ambiguous and mysterious affect of the setting. Eyes look out from the garage referencing the active life witnessed here. I scratched into some areas of the paint highlighting the layers and physical nature of the material. The less textured more solid space gives a balance to the more painterly areas. The colours are quite rustic referencing the age and wear and tear of the materials."

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