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Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt by Ed Saye

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Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt (2018)

Ed Saye

46 x 61 cm | 18 x 24 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Neon, Bathing, Jungle

Original painting in oil on canvas.

NB: This piece was selected for Beep International Painting Prize - it is currently on show and is available for sale though dispatch will be after September 1st.

"This painting was created for a group exhibition at The Portico Library in Manchester. The curator of the exhibition, 'Beautiful Monsters', invited the artists to respond to the library's collection of rare and historic books. My paintings were inspired by fantastical engravings of the Amazon rain forest from a 19th century travelog by Paul Marcoy. I used these images as settings for my own characters developed from more recent photographs of groups of hippies and cult members. The title is taken from Kurt Vonnegut's 1969 novel 'Slaughterhouse 5'."

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Ed Saye

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Ed Saye’s searching images offer a contemplative reflection of atmospheric locations. Saye makes use of found photographs and intuitive editing techniques to lend his painting a familiar yet slightly anomalous feel.  The use of warm hues and fragmented detailing softens the narrative of each piece and leaves an air of enigma. The ambiguous choice of image, leaves an unsettling doubt about the tone of the scene; it may be an image reminiscent of family vacations besides an intentional absence which seemingly haunts the scene. This balance creates a strong sense of uncertainty and recreates the same specious quality as memory.  In turn, the viewer is left to interpret a space made equivocal through compositional tensions and pleasing handlings of light and tone.

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