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Everyday #3 by Sarah Isherwood

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Everyday #3 (2019)

Sarah Isherwood

115 x 160 cm | 45 x 62 in

Subject: Abstract
Tags: Monotone, Grey, Layers, Gestural, Neutral Palette

Original mixed media painting in acrylic on fabric.

Original mixed media painting. in charcoal, oil stick, acrylic, embroidery, plaster and vegetable oil on hessian.


Sarah Isherwood

Wimbledon trained artist, Sarah Isherwood, comes forth bearing embroidery threads, silk-screen printing and oils to explore the fragile world of memory, experience and prescription medication.

Crafted on silk and muslin, Isherwood uses a range of materials - paint, thread, charcoal, and even vegetable oil - which she uses to leave deliberate stains - marks on her work, to reference the figurative ‘stain’ left behind from prescription medication. Sertraline - (trade name Zoloft) is the most commonly prescribed mood stabiliser in the UK and is distributed to patients in a yellow, turquoise, and white box. We find this motif referenced throughout Isherwood’s work, together with her emotive, more visceral oil stains and charcoal marks which propose a counterpoint to the surface treatment. Poignant, powerful and slightly unnerving, her work describes a true and terrible beauty, these are real and raw - a new perspective.

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