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Encompass by Nina Goldsmith

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Nina Goldsmith

30 x 46 cm | 11 x 18 in

Subject: Places/landscapes/interiors
Tags: Snow, Hideaway, Home, Fairy Tale

Original painting in oil, enamel and varnish on paper.  

"Second of the Hidden Places trilogy, this project explores the idea of individual and habitat and how the desire for secluded locations reflect on the inhabitant's own yearning to belong."


Nina Goldsmith

Nina Goldsmiths work revolves around the sense of belonging. The lost landscapes of forgotten buildings and far away countryside allude to connections between people and place, of identifying with somewhere. The landscapes seem both visceral and universal, the use of texture reaches out and burnishes our senses. Vivid colours and dark shadows give a sense of depth, both physically and emotionally. There is an emotional charge within each piece in regards to the intimacy of recognising a place as somewhere full of memories - however banal. Perhaps this is why the graffiti on the wall in the ‘Searching and Finding’ study provokes a sense of, not only abandonment, but of being found again. 

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