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Duality III (2018)

Bartosz Beda

35 x 45 cm | 12 x 16 in

Subject: People
Tags: Portrait, Blue, Hair, Gestural, Hiding

Original painting in oil on canvas.

""By quality, I don’t mean well-executed art, but thoughtful approach to aesthetics and beauty' - Erich Fromm wrote in one of his essays about our spontaneous desires for more and more goods that surrounds us. Our society by building in obsolescence forces me, the individual, to change styling of products, clothes, and even food whether I need it or not. That could also be a metaphor for your question. We desire new aesthetics in the art and follow certain trends. They might be objective or subjective and not necessary bring any new values.  But what if there is no beauty anymore? When we reach again that exhaustion of economical goods with next economical crisis, the values might shift again and change the aesthetic approach to beauty. Then, what objective, might not be objective anymore.

I talked more about duality and image selection in this interview for The Sociological Mail."

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Bartosz Beda

We discovered Bartosz Beda at his BA degree show at Manchester School of Art in 2011. He immediately attracted an avid collector base and on more than one occasion his work sold out completely. A series of accolades ensued – inclusion in 2012’s Catlin Art Guide for the most promising emerging artists in the UK. He soon progressed on to a Masters program at Manchester and was then short-listed for the Title Art Prize, the Door Prize, and Saatchi New Sensations 2012. Beda won the esteemed Towry Award for the Best of North of England in 2012. Also in 2012 he was awarded a six-month scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, Germany (the same residency that Gerhard Richter was awarded early in his career). Beda has held solo exhibitions in Madrid, Colombia, and Manchester.

Beda is now based in the US where he has gained a strong collector base. Brownsville Museum in Texas have acquired two of his works for their permanent collection and in October 2018, he will hold a solo exhibition in Mildred M. Cox Gallery, Fulton, MO, USA.

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